How LastObject protects their startup brand
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After a massively successful crowdfunding campaign, the fast-growing startup LastObject turned to Rightly to protect their brand and business.

When LastObject in 2019 launched their first-ever Kickstarter and Indigogo campaigns they couldn’t believe the interest they received from excited backers from all over the world. €1 million were raised from +18000 backers in only 3 weeks.

These great numbers have not come by chance, though. The Danish team of designers is tackling one of our time’s biggest problems - single-use plastics. Their mission is to replace single-use household items with more sustainable alternatives, one product at the time. In this way they want to help speed up the transition from our wasteful consumption behaviour, which is what is burying the world in garbage, to a more sustainable and circular one.

Great sustainable products

An example is their product LastSwab, a multiple-use swab set to replace what we all know as cotton swab. Every day more than 1.5 billion single-use plastic swabs are produced and an average American uses 415 each year. Many of them are thrown away - often ending up on beaches and in the oceans harming marine life, or they get piled up in landfills. They have also created LastTissue to do the same for our traditional tissue.

Nicolas Aagaard, CEO of LastObject, explains why they are going down a different path than most traditional companies.

“We have worked with product design for many years and have seen the resource waste and pollution related to single-use products. Some corporations will pay for their climate sins to go away by donating to charities rather than completely rethinking their products, but instead of trying to make products more friendly towards the environment or donating to charities, we believe in actually changing the premise of products-by making long lasting reusable products to replace disposable ones”

No wonder this mission-driven startup was successful during their first crowdfunding campaigns, as more and more people are looking towards relatable solutions to our waste crisis.

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Why IP rights are so important

However, their success has come at a price. Venturing out into the public domain with such a revolutionising idea meant that copyists were quick to see and exploit LastObject’s great name and designs.

Using Rightly’s platform from the beginning they could see that infringements were popping up everywhere on a daily basis. Just in the last 3 months Rightly has removed more than 1.000 infringing listings for LastObject on Amazon alone and many more on other platforms and social media sites.

“The damage these counterfeit products can do to our brand and business is huge if left unchecked and unfought, so it’s important for us always to be on top of it. Counterfeit products started hitting the market even before we were able to send out our first shipment”

Infringements on IP rights and counterfeit products are becoming a larger and larger problem in international commerce. In 2018 alone counterfeiting of goods cost the global economy an estimated $323 billion in losses. It’s an issue that has a wide array of consequences for consumers, as they don’t know when they buy a fake product, especially online.

So, having a robust IP strategy from the get-go is crucial.

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