GUBI protect product innovation to secure growth
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Founded in 1967, GUBI is a leading Danish company renowned for designing, developing and marketing a daring and elegant collection of furniture, lighting and interior objects for both private and professional spaces. The collection comprises award-winning products, including the Beetle Chair, the GUBI Chair and the Bestlite Lamp. GUBI's products are sold in leading online and offline retail stores as well as to architecture and interior design clients around the world.

Kenni Riise, CEO of GUBI A/S, explains why he relies on Rightly.

“We have worked closely with the Rightly team to draft and implement a comprehensive intellectual property strategy. We started by building our intellectual property portfolio by filing trademarks, industrial design rights, copyrights and domain names to equip us to combat product design infringements. We went from a reactive stance towards counterfeit products to becoming more proactive by using Rightly to scan online marketplaces for counterfeit products and have them removed. Counterfeit products not only hurt our ability to sell products and innovate new ones, but deceive and short-change our customers, so it’s important for us to stay on top of this ongoing battle. Fraudulent online shops are now being shut down due to a no-win-no-fee arrangement that we are very satisfied with. It is right and proper that Rightly shares the risk and reward of enforcing our intellectual property rights based on their advice and recommended strategy. Because of Rightly’s customs surveillance strategy and the no-win-no-fee arrangement, we have received more than EUR 20,000 in out-of-court settlements in the past three months and, more importantly, prevented countless counterfeit goods ending up in our customer’s hands.”

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Rightly’s availability combined with their proactive and pragmatic approach means we can focus on our business.
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